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Executive Director


Chris Blackwood is a man not easily summarized as his talents and contributions are far reaching.  What he is however, without a doubt is a basketball enthusiast, humanitarian, mentor, Executive Director of NWB, and a clothing line cofounder who hails from Jane and Finch, a neighbourhood within Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Chris attended Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec Canada where he played for the Concordia Stingers Men’s Basketball team from 2003 to 2006 and where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Relations in 2006.   During this time, Chris was also a CIS National Finalist in 2004 and was a second time All Conference in 2005.

Chris’ love of basketball continues to be a salient aspect of his life.  He is actively on the coaching staff for the OVO Summer Basketball Men’s Basketball team, is an essential element in the annual OK Tournament for the past seven years and is a Y.A.A.C.E. coach.

Chris holds a hall monitor position at Westview Centennial Secondary School in North York, Ontario Canada which is within the Jane and Finch community.  His role involves keeping the school space safe by following safety protocols and being a first aid provider.  Chris ensures he takes time to build rapports with the students as he is a member of their neighbourhood and is seen in and around the community.

Chris is also a clothing line cofounder who together with his brother created Grand Slammer$, an urban clothing line based in Toronto.  Grand Slammer$ has sold pieces nationally and globally and provides Toronto youth who are challenged academically to work harder in raising their grades as Grand Slammer$ rewards them with gear through it’s mentorship program.  The program is structured so that youth receive gear to wear as an incentive all while mentoring and empowering them which also provides marketing in the community.

Chris’ humanitarian efforts are also exemplified through his leadership in changing Ontario educational policies regarding streaming in Grade 9 and early years suspensions, through his G-HATS initiative which promotes professional development and through other efforts due to his overall “nice guy” spirit.

Chris says with confidence “it is said that nice guys finish last, but some nice guys can finish first”, and based on his efforts, Chris finishing first means that many others win.

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