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There are many characteristics to describe Phil Edwards, and Social Advocacy would be the best place to start. Over the past 30 years, Phil Edwards has achieved various positions within the City of Toronto. His progressive experiences in responding to community-wide incidents and
mobilizing communities through crisis response interventions have groomed him for the next chapter of his life.

As a single father of 2 sons, Phil raises his boys to be accountable and honourable citizens. Phil devoted 8 years of his life as a Foster Parent. Here, he was responsible for raising youth from various homes and merging them with his sons to produce fabulous citizens.

Phil was appointed as the Lead Benefits Representative for the largest Union in Canada and was required to liaise between management, policy, legislation, and of course: his members. Ensuring that the integrity of each member be upheld by their superiors, Phil assured the significance of Mediation and Stewardship allowing him to demonstrate his keen awareness of “Both Sides of the Coin!”

The focus on Mental Health, trauma supports, and assistance in trauma recovery are areas of expertise that Phil Edwards has mastered and adapted by implementing an innovative and culturally diverse component. Phil has developed curriculum for youth and has integrated incarcerated youth into the community and reduced recidivism while enhancing their quality of life. Phil combined his skills in training and research to identify, assess, monitor, seek referrals and build individual, group, and community action plans for short-term and long-term recovery. Leading the “Oppressed out of Oppression” empowered his youth with the tools to advocate and propel the voice of the unheard.

Phil has been an Instructor at Seneca College for the past 8 years and has educated over 500 working professionals, international students, students with disabilities, and students who have returned to the classroom after being in the workforce for over 20 years. Phil uses this opportunity to transfer his skills and services to his yearning audience and views every golden possibility to enrich the lives of others.

Currently, Phil enjoys his early retirement and has transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship as a business owner, consultant, and investor. His passions include coaching basketball, being a life coach, and empowering people to take ownership of their future!

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