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BOSH is a social justice reform program. The pursuit of social justice on behalf of ethnic minorities in communities is essential to fostering development and advancement for youth battling stereotypes that are linked to systemic societal disadvantages.

Our overall goal is to build a bridge and offer education, mentorship and guidance on the ground, with institutional stakeholders and government under a legal framework that properly positions NWB as an entity who has a vested interest and influential voice capable of changing policy and administering justice reform.

The areas of consideration and focus of this program will include:

  • Intervention on active court cases

  • Developing a roster of lawyers that can assist with cases

  • ​Legal lobby groups that will speak directly to government institutions and police forces to lower walls and build contact points to assist in connecting community policing with NWB members

  • ​Legal education groups designed to inform about individual rights and freedoms

Dena Smith-Springer

Program Manager

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