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SPAARC is a multifaceted program with content for those who are in a rearing and nurturing position in need of assistance in areas such as good parenting habits and professional development.

The programs offered help elevate individuals in their family and professional life while making mental health a priority. With a little “SPAARC”, parents will develop the skills and confidence to create a healthy and safe environment for their child(ren) and prepare them for current realities without limiting their ability to succeed in the larger community.

Our mission focuses on ensuring that those who are raising children, from all family lifestyles within our communities have the knowledge and tools needed to be successful role models for raising successful children. We plan to accomplish this via several training modules sharing techniques to assist in navigating through obstacles in today’s society which is paramount for caregiver(s) and care receiver(s),

  • Job sources program

  • Life skill ( job readiness, anger management, how to adjust to today’s new world)

  • Anti-bully

  • Anti-racism

  • Girl empowerment group

Included in SPAARC:

  • Black Women Empowerment (BWE)

  • ​Meditation and Yoga

  • ​Positive Parenting

  • ​Professional Development

Shannon Voce

Program Manager

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