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MUSIC is a comprehensive music program that aims to admit individuals aged 10 + who have expressed a passion for recording music to help guide them on a positive path through music. Its goal is to help fractured communities by allowing youth to feel comfortable to express themselves through music, while gaining valuable skills, within a like-minded community and program.

It’s easier to imagine greatness when our teachers and role-models look like us. Those aspiring to be a part of MUSIC must submit a verse to be reviewed by the Program Manager. Once admitted into MUSIC, participants must maintain a five day attendance record for school and/or work and maintain a positive attitude within and around the program and its facilities.

Our mission is to help inspire, educate, and provide youth in marginalized communities opportunities to express themselves through music and this will be accomplished by teaching enrolled participants how to:

  • Professionally write, produce, mix and master music with a focus on the rap and hip hop genre

  • Choose specific topics to speak on when composing lyrics while using literary devices

  • Bring awareness to the communities they grew up in and give a better understanding to outside communities on what's happening

  • Combine what they've seen outside the program with what they’ll learn in the program

  • Express themselves through music in a positive artistic creative manner

Shaquille Thompson

Program Manager

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